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Welcome to the Aeross Testing Wiki also known as CnocBrides Playground. This is my personal workspace and contains lots of articles I have written about various topics mainly conworlding. I write most of my draft essays and articles fro other projects here before actually posting them for everyone to see. Currently I do not wish anyone edits on this wiki as it is a personal wiki but I feel it is private enough that nobody will actually bother editing.

If you find any weird or silly pages with gibberish on them that's most likely a random page you stumbled upon! Be warned if you are digging around here you may find gibberish and ideas from my overactive imagination spewed out onto the page.

If you have any queries about me or the wiki or have a problem feel free to leave a message on my talk page.

Whats on this wiki?[edit | edit source]

Everything! From random articles, to fiction to stuff relating to Miraheze.[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia material[edit | edit source]

I use Wikipedia material widely on this wiki. 99.9% of all templates and scripts in use on the wiki are borrowed from Wikipedia. Any templates I made myself are either my own templates or they are derived from Wikipedia templates. I take no ownership of these templates and credit the templates to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.